venerdì 13 maggio 2016

Peculiar Mormyrid Issue #3 is finally out!

I am very excited and not a little proud to announce that the third issue of the fantabolous surrealist journal Peculiar Mormyrid is now available both online and as a hard copy

It features the literary and visual works of no less than 61 people from 15 different countries, including a specific section dedicated to the bemourned French artist and writer André Breton on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of his death.

This issue contains my short story Red-Penning Slips and two pieces homaging Breton, a poem simply entitled To Breton and a partly unfaithful visual rendition of his dream-like La femme à la chevelure de feu de bois.

Here is a passage from Red-Penning Slips:

The day after I ask L out again.
“How about going to the cinema tonight?”
“Sorry, I’m busy tonight. I have to clean my ears.”
“Wednesday night?”
“I’ll have to listen to my mobile ringtone.”
I decide to try a different approach.
“What about the new Dupobs album? They’re so beyond.”
“Who the fuck are they supposed to be?”
After work, both because today is my birthday and because I feel particularly depressed, I decide to buy me a gift and purchase a human being steak at the delicatessen. On my way home I eagerly anticipate the moment when I’ll sink my teeth into that dainty flesh and I feel unusually euphoric ...