mercoledì 10 giugno 2015

My Short Story "Aqua(ma)r(der)ium" in Peculiar Mormyrid

The first issue of the "fledging surrealist journal" Peculiar Mormyrid focusing on "experimental writings, sketches, collages, and essays" is now available.  I am extremely glad to announce that among other flabbergasting pieces of precious extravagance, you will also find my short delirium story "Aqua(ma)r(der)ium".

This is how it begins:

Maria, the mother, felt lost in the gigantic aquarium. 
Across spaces of shadow and light big azure fishes shook their fins causing little earthquakes inside the huge glass parallelepipedon. We were hurled hither and thither, remained standing by a miracle.

‘Why didn’t you come on Friday?’ I asked her, prostrating before her, kissing her toes.

‘Scraps of my relatives showered the streets in Rio De Janeiro.’

‘That’s only poetry,’ I quoted in a tone of contempt a politician I had heard speaking on the radio months ago.

‘Quit assholing and venerate me so that I can throw you in the mud.’

‘So, anyway, what detained you Friday?’ I pressed her, or so I thought.

‘On Friday I don’t even move to breathe,’ she replied. Then she slapped me on the cheek with one hand and offered me a present with the other.

Read the whole journal (do it, it's worth it.)

UPDATE: Hear ye, hear ye, issue #1 is now also available as a hard copy and may be bought here !

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