sabato 3 ottobre 2015

My Poem "Das Whirling Wszystko" in Peculiar Mormyrid

Issue#2 of the wondrous surrealist journal Peculiar Mormyrid is finally out!

I am absolutely honoured to announce that it features my cross-language poem "Das Whirling Wszystko" (The Whirling Everything), a bizarre exercise in automatic writing intermingling English, Polish, Dutch, Italian, and German. 
I am positive that my few Polish friends will be able to recognize certain situations depicted in it.

(Warning: it may bring on nothing less than sudden and relentless sparkles of creativity, original and unprecedented Weltanschauungen as well as fits of healthy inventiveness)

Long Live Peculiar Mormyrid!

UPDATE: Issue#2 is now also available as a printed copy here.

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