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Two poems by Massimo Stirneri translated into English by Maurizio Brancaleoni

Massimo Stirneri, 32, lives in Perugia. He writes mainly poetry and prose and also creates visual poems. 
He posts all his works both in English and Italian on his blog:
His poems have also appeared in some American online journals.

The following two poems come from his collection “Varie”, which won the first prize in the prestigious poetry contest “Opera Prima 2017” organized by the website Poesia 2.0 (you can read the book in Italian here).

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like the cavity or the slit of a gutter
you wish you could go out get in uncertain blindfold on the wait
to fit out with lost objects, democratic goals
threshold deities able to bite backwards
in the intact house, under the lips other ailments rotate
from the adhering immanence denied at the finale
three times no, as everything is permitted, like hope


of courage every title to speak
because I am like a mother woman
more academic unfortunately. genitive
name inspired by the antidote, fear
is not natural, something induced that they create
the guard that he places, they erode the vice at the end
to protect man from cruelty to a minimum extent
for the punishment of transgression, the profound
significance of the allegations, may they unexpected he prevent
the farsightedness of return a unique dedication
hence may they have the ambit of distribution according
- ça va sans dire – to what comes right and in consecutive order, we shall conclude
not even facing extreme situations, pain be feared
on a par «they will burn them, it continues, and we will
match the gravity of the problem «keep anxiety out of Europe
it seems reality, this - I find - version I'll make myself again
vulnerabilities so deep-seated that they become the signature
of collaboration, levers resting on a low fulcrum
of course. it happens though. either-or at the root
doubly to see some of it again
causing sensation to each other resignedly:
simple contract
of adulthood

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